Today, New York's commuter rail infrastructure is a nightmare. Fixing this starts with phase one of Amtrak's Gateway project for two new Hudson River Tunnels. Former Vice President Joe Biden has said that all of us need to push for this effort. ReThinkNYC strongly agrees and we urge you to do the same by signing our petition to the elected officials.


ReThink Studio is an urban transportation planning firm with a reputation for developing holistic solutions for both small and large-scale transportation problems. We are best known for our award-winning transportation plan for the New York City region, ReThinkNYC.

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ReThinkNYC is a comprehensive transportation proposal for building a world-class regional network in the New York City region.

The first step of the proposal, the Regional Unified Network (RUN), is a multi-stage program to establish a regional rail network, making it possible for users to get from anywhere to everywhere via mass transit.

By making a few crucial investments at key chokepoints, RUN unlocks the full potential of our mass transit system, laying the groundwork for further growth and expansion for decades to come. The full extent of the proposal, PLAN 2050, further presents potential transit projects through out the region at various scales.

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ReThink Studio's Solution to the L Train Shutdown

ReThink Studio's proposal would distribute passengers from the L train to the underutilized G line infrastructure and bring those passengers directly into Manhattan on the E line.  In other words, we propose extending the E from its present terminus at the Word Trade Center into northern Brooklyn along the G line. This change would allow L train passengers to transfer at Lorimer-Metropolitan to this new E service directly to Manhattan. Once the work is com­pleted, this direct Man­hat­tan-bound ser­vice would con­tinue to ben­e­fit neigh­bor­hoods along this line. 

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