Please join us in envisioning a Post-Moses New York, what it means for the city, and how to make it a reality.

"In the twentieth century, the influence of Robert Moses on the cities of America was greater than that of any other person."

-Lewis Mumford

Robert Moses fundamentally altered New York in the 20th century, and his legacy continues to shape the region to this day. But New York now faces a unique opportunity to move beyond the Moses era. By properly reinvesting in our infrastructure, we can build a world class regional network that makes it possible to get from anywhere to everywhere.




ReThink Studio is an urban transportation planning firm with a reputation for developing holistic solutions for both small and large-scale transportation problems. We are best known for our award-winning transportation plan for the New York City region, ReThinkNYC.

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ReThinkNYC is a new way of thinking about New York City and the region. Many of the region's most challenging problems--such as housing and employment--can be solved by addressing underlying transportation limitations with a new, more holistic approach that uses existing infrastructure and new technology to unify and integrate the region's disparate transportation systems into a single network that would provide an affordable, convenient alternative to the automobile, creating the nation's first "car-optional" region. 

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ReThink Studio's Solution to the L Train Shutdown

ReThink Studio's proposal would distribute passengers from the L train to the underutilized G line infrastructure and bring those passengers directly into Manhattan on the E line.  In other words, we propose extending the E from its present terminus at the Word Trade Center into northern Brooklyn along the G line. This change would allow L train passengers to transfer at Lorimer-Metropolitan to this new E service directly to Manhattan. Once the work is com­pleted, this direct Man­hat­tan-bound ser­vice would con­tinue to ben­e­fit neigh­bor­hoods along this line. 

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