The Team

Jim Venturi


Jim Venturi is the founder and principal designer of ReThink Studio and ReThinkNYC. Through his experiences in information technology, planning, and architecture, Venturi focuses on solving the infrastructural, social and economic challenges of transportation planning.

This holistic approach is reflected in both his work at ReThink Studio and his past work as a network architect, bridging analytical and creative assets by building early technology networks and developing software. He founded Creative Technologies, a boutique systems integration technology firm catering to architects and designers. In 1996, the company shifted focus to designing and implementing email and network migrations for Fortune 1000 companies.

Venturi’s work experience in architecture and urban planning comes from working with architects in his early career and teaching architecture students CAD software at Parsons School of Design.  He gained further experience more recently from the production of Bob and Denise, a feature film in post-production about the renowned architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.

Venturi is the 2015 recipient of the James Parks Morton Promise for the Future Award, which was given in part to recognize the ReThinkNYC project.


aurelie barbier


Aurelie is an urban planner and civil engineer with over 10-years of professional experience in the field of planning. Prior to ReThink Studio, she worked as a planner in Switzerland where she led various large scale master plans for development agencies (World Bank, AFD-French Development Agency) in European and Global South cities. Aurelie holds a Masters degree from INSA de lyon / Urban Istitute (IUL) and is also completing a Master of City & Regional Planning degree at Pratt Institute.

Cezar Nicolescu


Cezar holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University, and a Bachelor in Architecture as well as in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has worked in the United States, France, Morocco, and Italy on projects of all scales. He has taken on a varied assortment of research projects at Columbia University.

Lane Rick


Lane is an architect, illustrator, and writer in New York. She co-founded a Brooklyn and San Francisco design studio, Office of Things, with whom she designs small spaces and immersive environments. Lane also researches, draws, and writes about urban idiosyncrasies and their aggregated transformation over time. Lane received her Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture in 2012.

stefano trevisan


Stefano is an urbanist who has worked in Manhattan as well as internationally in Japan and Kenya. His work experience includes politics, land use, transportation, and community & economic development. He has been active in projects ranging in scale from large initiatives such as as the East Midtown rezoning and Penn Station redevelopment plans, to local issues like pedestrian plazas and land use variance applications. Stefano received his Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Affairs from George Washington University.

Liam Blank


Liam is completing his Bachelors degree in Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University. He has worked in Rhode Island and New Jersey on various projects in the fields of politics, urban design, and transportation planning. While at Rutgers, Liam became involved in public transportation activism and joined the ReThink Studio team in June 2015.

Karim Ahmed


Karim Ahmed is a New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. He graduated from The Cooper Union in 2013 with a Bachelor of Architecture.  Following graduation and research in North Africa and Southern Europe, he worked in New York City for three years on a range of architectural projects including residential, commercial, public housing and stage/gallery planning. He has also worked with a variety of contractors and fabricators for interior construction, furniture and installations. He joined Rethink Studio in August 2016.

Yubi Park


Yubi is a Brooklyn-based designer. He has worked in New York on various urban-scale projects and has co-authored a research project on stormwater management and urban resiliency. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.

Victoria Pai


Victoria is an architectural designer, who has worked on various urban-scale projects in Pittsburgh. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016.

sang jung kim


Sang Jung is an architectural designer, who has worked in New York and Seoul, Korea on architectural projects of various scales. She graduated from The Cooper Union with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2016.

diego gonzalez


Diego Gonzalez has worked as an architectural designer in both New York and Guatemala on projects that focus on reactivating underused public spaces. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from The Cooper Union.

Hannah Miller


Hannah is a public engagement and media expert with a background in sustainability messaging, renewable energy, green buildings, human rights, and telecommunications. As a political organizer, manager, and journalist, Hannah has driven community engagement on issues of healthcare funding, climate change, electoral campaigns, land use, election reform, democratic budgeting processes, and energy policy in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

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